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What is Women Who Code?

Where does the Core Team fit in?

Where do project Reviewers fit in?

Featured Repos

How do we contribute to a project?

Open Source License

What is Women Who Code?

Women Who Code is a global nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in their engineering careers. For more information visit Women Who Code

Where does the Core Team fit in?

We have setup a core team within WWCode. The purpose of the core team is to establish visibility and alignment of our tech projects that address the vision and mission of Women Who Code.


Being opened sourced, having clear documentation and highlight contributors on current and upcoming project work.


Seeking input from contributors, members and organizational leaders on current and upcoming project work.


Our goal is to have a technically diverse team comprised of people with domain knowledge in software development, data science, analytics, design, project management and product management.


Vinu, Zassmin, Kaitlyn, Sinead

Where do project Reviewers fit in?

We encourage each contributor to review Pull Requests and make valuable comments.

Reviewers are people who review pull requests for each of our projects and give valuable feedback. Reviews are contributors who have agreed to review pull requests within 24hrs, have been contributing to the repository for a longer term and have a larger overall understanding of the code base. Reviewers give a final thumbs up before a Pull Request is merged.

Reviewers are found in repository READMEs.

Featured Repos

We are actively working on the following repos:

  1. Website
    This is an application we build to communicate what we do to the world, manage our leadership tools, and member experience. Specifically, our website includes blogging system, events system, resources tool, and job board.
    • Stack: Ruby on Rails, Postgres and runs on Heroku.
    • Site:
    • Repo.This is private and you will get a 404 error. Email if you want to join.
  2. Android App
    Member facing app so members can communicate with other members and join events. Currently a prototype.
    • Stack: Android, Java, and will soon use website as the API.
    • Repo
  3. Swift App
    Member facing app so members can communicate with other members and join events. Currently a prototype. It is not yet ready for contribution. We will announce when it is ready.
    • Stack: Swift, Cocopods, and will soon use website as the API.
    • Repo

General Repos

Deprecated Repos

How do we contribute to a project?

Our projects are open sourced, if you are new to open source please review the below general contributing guides to open source for any project.

Website, Private Repo - Run under Open Source License

Website will be available publicly soon. Until then, please send your github username and tell us a little about your coding experience in Ruby on Rails. Please feel free to share your github repository links that talks about your experience/work.

Want to help out? Great!
Identifying Priority Issues

We want to make it easier for our contributors to identify priority issues, as a result we’ve started a weekly milestones(Sprint). This also means, we will prioritize issues in the weekly milestones more quickly for release. And of course, we will recognize you through our weekly Maker Bytes.

How are priority issues identified?

Core-team reviews the WomenWhoCode product roadmap and creates weekly milestones(Sprint). There are various labels to help contributors pick the feature that they have the expertise to do and the time to put in.

Milestone Format:

Mon xxth - yyth YYYY Sprint --- Eg: Apr 23rd-29th 2016 Sprint

Each of the issues may have various label describing the following:

We like feedback and only know how to improve when you tell us what’s good or what could be better. Feel free to send suggestions to or ping us on slack.

Did you find an another interesting issue that is currently not a part of the milestone?

The core-team will review the issue and will let you know if there are any blockers in proceeding with the issue. Please note, we will prioritize the review of issues that are in the milestone.

Contributing Policy

Going Inactive

If inactive for 3 months you will be removed from the WomenWhoCode Github Repository and Slack Group . It’s simply meant to make it easier on us to keep track of who is active. Plus, it might be unnecessary noise for you. When you are ready to start contributing again, please check back with us!


We enjoy building products our members love. This means, we pay attention to detail, care about what we build and look forward to improve it every day. We welcome positive and constructive feedback and encourage contributors to feel the similarly.

Open Source License

  • Open Source License
  • The Non-Profit Open Software License version 3.0 (NPOSL-3.0)
  • Send an email to for any questions